Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to CubicleSoft.

First off, this is a website on the Internet. You should never trust any website or website operator with personal, private information that you wouldn't tell a complete stranger. CubicleSoft is a stranger to you, so act accordingly.

CubicleSoft won't sell, lease, rent, or do anything stupid with your email address or other personally identifying information. Any information you do choose to supply is kept in confidence. Why anyone would sell or transfer your information to a potential competitor is rather silly.

Of course, the protections in place to protect your information doesn't preclude the possibility of this website getting hacked and a database of user information might be stolen to be used for some nefarious purpose. But that is beyond the control of CubicleSoft. Obviously, CubicleSoft will strive to keep the site and all systems secure from such a breach but there are never any guarantees.

Browser cookies are not malware. This website sets cookies so that the website operates correctly. There are some people out there, thanks to various anti-malware vendors, who are scared of browser cookies, disable them, and therefore run a broken web browser. Then they try to convince other people to do the same thing and that they know what they are talking about. Such people and organizations are somewhere between "batty" and "nutjob." The issue raised by the anti-malware vendors and various legal frameworks like PECR and GDPR is directly related to the major ad networks, analytics, and social media sites. Go install both an advertising and a tracking blocker (e.g. "uBlock Origin" to block ad servers and "Ghostery" to block trackers are highly recommended) and maybe a script blocker too. Then turn cookies back on. You'll be largely invisible to most websites at that point, your browser will load most pages in under 3 seconds, necessary cookies will work, and, as a side benefit, those clickbait scam ads for "yucky foot fungus," "belly fat," "this one trick," and "download our malware-laden app" that take 10+ seconds each to retrieve and display will simply disappear.

Some parts of this website collect IP address information, mostly for anti-spam and anti-bot purposes. It is possible to do a reverse lookup of an IP address and get your city, state, and country of origin, as well as your Internet Service Provider (ISP). CubicleSoft will only part with IP address information under a court order and under protest. CubicleSoft will make government and other entities go through the motions of proper due process even if it costs taxpayers more money - they will either do it right or not at all.

Anything that gets posted publicly on the website will likely get indexed by Google and plenty of other websites for all time. If you say something you regret - too bad, so sad. Everyone will still be able to read it even if it gets deleted from the website. CubicleSoft is not responsible for what you might say or do.