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New products: File Tracker, PHP App Server, and more
File Tracker is my new jam.  It's the only bulk diff/merge tool in existence that can diff/merge any source to multiple destinations.  Last night, I modified over 1,000 files and made over 100 commits to GitHub using File Tracker.  Global deployment of updates, including changes to the Barebones CMS source code, is now possible in mere seconds.  Before, the same exact effort would take weeks.  File Tracker is the first commercial CubicleSoft product but is totally worth the cost of entry if you manage multiple software projects.

Related to File Tracker are two products that have seen significant development in the past 1 1/2 years:

PHP App Server is a powerful framework for building native, installable applications for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.  It enabled me to rapidly create File Tracker.

CubicleSoft License Server enables powerful product, version, and license management as well as order history tracking for sellable software.

I'm still doing plenty of open source software development, but it's gotten harder to do well, so I made the first commercial CubicleSoft software product (i.e. File Tracker) to enable me to be able to manage the 75+ repos on GitHub more easily and free up time to do more development.  So the open source world isn't going away any time soon - it's just getting better!
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