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Welcome to 2020!
2019 was a busy year with lots of exciting things happening.  2020 is shaping up to be a busy year as well.  But before looking forward, let's take a few minutes to look back.

The biggest project of the 2019 year hasn't been formally announced yet.  I ran into several, IMO, showstopper issues and have been refining File Tracker as I go along.  If you've been watching GitHub, you saw that early September saw over 50+ commits to GitHub repositories across many repositories.  That's File Tracker in action.  I'd rather announce a product that is ready than something that will have people be disappointed with their purchase.  File Tracker is niche software though with a limited audience since it is a product designed to pay down technical debt, so I don't expect to sell very many copies.

My favorite project this year was creating the PE file format artifact library.  File formats are always interesting to analyze.  The PE file format is filled with all kinds of complexities, which very few people have fully explored.  Building the artifact library took a lot of time but solves a need for those who want to study the file format more in-depth.

One of the bright highlights of the 2019 year is that Ultimate Web Scraper Toolkit appears to finally be gaining some traction.  Other people are finally starting to use it!  It's exciting but it also means that junior developers will open issues on the issue tracker that aren't bugs (i.e. asking for support).  One measure of product quality is the effort to attain zero defects.  I try to maintain zero open issues across all issue trackers but it can be difficult to do that when people ask for help and then vanish while leaving open issues dangling.  When people ask for support, most of the time I can just adjust documentation and close out the issue but that is not always possible.

I didn't get to do all of the videos I had hoped to make in 2019.  I still have two left to do.

I'm also sitting on a major project that was developed in 2019 in conjunction with File Tracker.

Without further ado, here is the development plan for the 2020 year:
  • Announce File Tracker and release the related project.
  • Make a couple more videos.
  • Work some more on SSO server.  It has been neglected but not forgotten.  I have one major feature to add.
  • Make a few new projects.  I don't discuss internal development goals until the software is released.  Some of the necessary pieces for these projects were built during the past couple of years.
That may seem like a small list, but that will keep me occupied for the whole year.  I keep my annual project lists short and to the point so that I can remain focused throughout the year.  I look back from time to time throughout the year to see how progress is coming along, which reinvigorates me to press on.
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