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Announcement: Ultimate Web Scraper Toolkit 1.0rc18 released
A lot of things have changed between 1.0rc17 and 1.0rc18.  What those things are I don't even remember.  TagFilter has received a lot of updates and feature enhancements recently.

The most important change is that the WebBrowser::Process() function no longer requires three parameters to pass options.  Back when I created the WebBrowser class years ago, I envisioned needing to change frequently from the default "auto" profile (which defaults to emulating Firefox-style requests) to other profiles (e.g. IE, Chrome, etc) on a regular basis.  That never happened - although I might have faked IE one time - and I also found myself doing far more POST requests than GET requests so typing "auto" over and over got tedious.  This release adds a "profile" option to the $options array and removes the second parameter $profile.  For backwards-compatibility, the code detects if the $options array is a string, assumes it is the older-style function prototype and adjusts the parameters accordingly.

In other words, if you upgrade, existing code should not break but now you have the option of not typing "auto" over and over.

Learn more about and download Ultimate Web Scraper Toolkit here:
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