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(Username) "Bug" or config Issue?
Hello, The sign in with Google account worked really well at first.
The simple form on your site asked for a username which was "over-ridden" and my Google name was used instead. Is this a "bug" which will be the same after I install a working Single Sign-On (SSO) system, or will it be possible to set correctly during the post-install config options?

Sorry, I did not search to see if this was already reported.
This website's setup is a bit complex and the SSO server/client is also complex. It depends highly on how your account(s) were/are set up as to how information flows. Did your web browser automatically fill in the username field? Some web browsers do that sort of thing when they find fields they think they can fill in. If so, that's not a SSO server/client issue but rather a web browser design issue.
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(01-31-2018, 09:16 PM)thruska Wrote: ...Did your web browser automatically fill in the username field?...

No, at least not on the easily visible  front-end.
I will test it ASAP on a experimental site and share any useful info. Thanks for the cool software.

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