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Barebone CMS Server & Laravel
Hello thruska. I'm deploying Barebone Server in my company. I have a few doubts. 
We currently work with Laravel. And we want to have a unique site to log in to clients. Until now I have installed the server and tried a client and it works correctly.
1. What I need is that once you have successfully logged in, the user passes the username and password to our applications so that you can redirect them internally to your area correctly. For example. A user accesses the login page and once validated redirects you to your personal area. (Depending on the data we have in the bbdd you can be boss or employee).

2. Could we use the data that we have until now of username and password of our bbdd and that the server consult this database?

Thank you very much and forgive me for my English. 
Greetings from Spain
How about defining a value for each user that defines the property they are allowed to access? And use another value for their role? Also, use a namespace to allow a login to traverse between multiple applications.

There is never a valid reason for a user's password to transfer from the SSO server to an application.
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