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intergrating SSO with mantis bug traker

I’m looking at integrating this SSO with mantis bug tracker.
I’ve done some research and it is possible and I’ve found a few plugins that already do it.
looking at the myBB plugin I’ve found these plugin that I might be able to work from

what do you think ?
and would it be possible to have some help cause the SSO is all new to me ?

here are some links to the other SSO plugins:
here's some extra links that might be helpful
Read the documentation section on "Integrating the SSO Client With Third-Party Software".

So what's the bug tracker going to be used for? If you are pairing it with source control (e.g. git), then you might look at deploying Gogs for handling private repos and issue tracking. Gogs is basically a GitHub clone and I like it because it is small, fast, light, and private. Although, you'll run into issues with directly integrating Gogs with SSO systems such as the SSO server/client software it does support AD/LDAP. Setting up ActiveDirectory/LDAP may be a better option for user account management instead of a private Generic Login. Plus you get all of the enterprise user account management features you could ever need AND SSO server/client supports AD/LDAP for regular website development.
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no i don't want to use it just fr source control i would also like to use it for bug reporting
the problem is that i'm going to need some guidence with this cause it's a bit out of my depth at the moment
but i want to learn Wink

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