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Announcement: Cool File Transfer released
Hot on the heels of jQuery Fancy File Uploader is a crazy new piece of software called Cool File Transfer.

Directly transfer files between two devices using nothing more than a web browser and a standard PHP enabled web server. Choose from a MIT or LGPL license.

Instead of using third-party services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer files, Cool File Transfer directly transfers files through a host that both devices have access to. It's great for moving large files without requiring intermediate storage!

Your PC, tablet, smartphone, refridgerator, and IT department thank you for choosing Cool File Transfer.

Of course, with cool software, there needs to be a nifty video:

Check out the official GitHub repository page:

Start using Cool File Transfer today! It's perfect for getting your users to use your Intranet on a regular basis to send large files that won't fit into e-mail. It adds incentive for your users to actually use your Intranet, which is something that's traditionally been hard to do.
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