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Announcement: Admin Pack 2.0, Admin Pack with FlexForms Extras 2.0 released
Today marks the release of the brand new Admin Pack version 2.0 series. In Admin Pack 2.0, the entire interface has been updated with a modern, slick theme.

And, with the new, fully responsive components in Admin Pack with FlexForms Extras, CubicleSoft has created the most mobile-friendly version to date.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome with making a mobile-friendly Admin Pack was to figure out how to display HTML tables on mobile devices. Over 30 different solutions were evaluated and rejected for a variety of reasons. Compactly and neatly displaying data inside of tables of all sizes on both desktop and mobile devices is a REALLY hard problem that I couldn't find a satisfactory solution for. To solve the problem, two brand new jQuery plugins were created and can be used in any project:

The first plugin collapses a table into a one or two column table on smaller devices using a user-defined template. The transformation is accomplished entirely client-side and is an extremely brilliant solution. As a result, HTML tables don't horizontally scroll with Responsive Table Cards.

However, using cards creates another problem: Cards can be rather tall, which results in really long vertical pages of seemingly endless data to scroll through. To solve this problem, the second plugin collapses the body into a scrollable view that fits neatly onto a single page.

Join the above two plugins with the updated FlexForms Module 'table-filter' and the result is a wonderful mashup of minimalism that your users will enjoy from any device.

Both Responsive Table Cards and Responsive Table Scrolling in Admin Pack are easy to implement and don't waste server bandwidth or client resources. This is all made possible with the already powerful Admin Pack technology stack and a little client-side Javascript and CSS.

Since Admin Pack is based on open source CubicleSoft FlexForms technology, Responsive Table Cards and Responsive Table Scrolling are also available to anyone using FlexForms for frontend forms-based development.

Learn more about and download Admin Pack 2.0 here:

Try it today!
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