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Announcement: Admin Pack, Admin Pack Extras refactored!
Following hot on the heels of the FlexForms product line announcement, Admin Pack and Admin Pack with Extras have been refactored again.

Both products now depend on, use, and include FlexForms.

Given the dramatic transformation of Admin Pack, an official release will not be made at this time in order to let things settle down a bit.  A lot of changes have been made but, as long as the core product was left unmodified, very few deployments should see any issues with upgrading.  I tried to make sure existing code, of which I've probably written several hundred thousand lines utilizing Admin Pack alone, would remain unaffected if an upgrade is performed.

This is the first major change to Admin Pack since its inception.

The biggest change is the removal of three files: 'index_mobile.php' and 'index.php' and dropping the 'support/mobile_layout.php' file.  While this might seem a step backwards, I've run into too many people who get confused by the mobile layout switcher and it just isn't a good fit for an administrative interface.  In addition, over the years, the default layout has been adapted to work better on mobile devices. It's not perfect nor have I ever seen a fully functional administrative interface work well on a phone. The layout still exists but has been renamed to 'support/view_print_layout.php', which is a better fit. The View/Print layout actually extends FlexForms with new options aimed specifically for that layout. In addition, the layout is now formally a part of the main Admin Pack product and no longer relegated to Admin Pack Extras.

A new file called 'admin.php' is the superset of all previous incarnations of the example usage code. It has been refactored as well to provide the current best practices for writing code to use Admin Pack to its fullest potential.

Under the hood is FlexForms. The new powerful, extensible class. I've held back on allowing extensibility to Admin Pack for a variety of reasons - mostly because I wanted additions to be made only after very careful deliberation. FlexForms represents the point where refinements had finally reached a significant breaking point. For most users, extensibility is unimportant - the base package or the Extras package will more than suffice. For the rest, a FlexForms Module or two will suffice.

Speaking of FlexForms Modules, the repository used to be called Admin Pack Modules. It is more appropriately a part of FlexForms, so it was renamed and components refactored accordingly.

Learn more about the new Admin Pack and Admin Pack with Extras and download/git clone here:
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