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Announcement: New products - FlexForms, FlexForms Extras, and FlexForms Modules
I have been rather busy for the last couple of weeks quietly building two brand new products and refactoring three(!) existing products.

The FlexForms product line is the culmination of about seven years of software development boiled down into a mere 2,000 lines of code.  The base FlexForms class contains the extensively battle-hardened, refined code found in real-world production environments across the globe.  If you've used any of the major product line, then you've already used FlexForms.  Barebones CMS inspired Admin Pack.  Barebones CMS, Admin Pack, and the SSO server/client inspired FlexForms.

FlexForms is currently only available on GitHub and is, of course, open source software under your choice of a MIT or LGPL license.  There are no plans at this time for an official release.  So please star or follow it on GitHub.

FlexForms adds some interesting features useful for building end-user HTML forms:  Randomly named fields (anti-bot measures), AJAX form delivery, emitting Javascript and CSS in dependency order, automatic security nonce calculations, and more.

Learn more about and download/git clone FlexForms here:

FlexForms Extras adds many powerful features to FlexForms including date picker and various multiselect widgets to FlexForms.

Learn more about and download/git clone FlexForms Extras here:

FlexForms Modules adds visual charts, an in-browser HTML editor, character/word counters, and more to FlexForms.

Learn more about and download/git clone FlexForms Modules here:
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