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Announcement: Admin Pack 1.1, Extras 1.1, and Modules 1.1 released
Admin Pack, the tool for creating customized admin interfaces, now has a significant facelift. The core page generation routines have been refactored to better support extending the interface as well as update all the core components. Did you know that Admin Pack is about 8 years old? It sees extensive use in my day-to-day operations but receives only occasional updates, which is a testament to its rock-solid stability and ease-of-use for deploying custom-built admin interfaces for Intranets and enterprise applications. Admin Pack has been seen in use in applications exceeding 30,000 lines of application code. A true workhorse.

With this stable release comes extensibility. I've been reluctant to add plugin-style functionality so as to keep bloated extensions to a minimum. The core has been refactored to support extending Admin Pack with new field "type"s and some other minimal customizations. All of Admin Pack Extras has been extracted into their own isolated module but upgrading to the latest release is relatively painless. Finally, Admin Pack Modules becomes a formal member of the family. It was mostly the red-headed stepchild of the lot but it now has charting facilities (via C3.js), which is always a crowd favorite (e.g. dashboards, reports, and the like).

Looking at the previous release, it looks like Extras did not have 'tags' support for the 'select' type. So this release includes that and probably a number of other useful features from the more active GitHub repository. I probably should have done a release sooner. Oh well, better late than never.

Learn more and download Admin Pack, Admin Pack with Extras, and Admin Pack Modules:
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