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Announcement: Ultimate Web Scraper Toolkit 1.0 RC17 released
Whew!  A few bugs have been fixed and, more importantly, the documentation is finally done.  The documentation has been needing a refresh for a while and I decided to experiment this time around with using GitHub and Markdown documentation for the technical bits. It seems to work well. This website will still be the primary entry point for visitors looking to learn more but the heavy technical details will sit over on GitHub.

Doing this accomplishes several goals: First, it makes it possible to fork and commit back changes to the documentation, which makes it easier on me to keep everything up to date. I didn't want the documentation to be in the GitHub Wiki but it would be nice if I weren't the only one who could make changes. Second, the documentation for each class now travels with the product. Both the ZIP file and "git pull" options include the documentation in a mostly readable format (the docs/ directory). I tried to minimize the use of weird Markdown shortcuts, which helps readability a lot. Finally, doing this separation makes reading the class documentation easier since there is a lot less vertical scrolling. Previously, I was just lazy and stuffed everything onto the Extra Components page.

I also added a ton of examples to the documentation. Since I had already written most of it, I figured I had some extra time to write good, working examples. TagFilter, which replaces Simple HTML DOM, got some extra special treatment.

Learn more about and download the Ultimate Web Scraper Toolkit today:
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