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Announcement: PECL sync extension 1.1.0 released
Updating PECL sync for PHP 7 support has been on my project list this year and I meant to do it earlier.  But better late than never.  PHP 7 broke a lot of extensions and so this extension popped back onto my radar.

It's actually kind of fortunate that I waited this long. It gave me something relatively simple to work on while being under the weather these past few days AND I'm glad I waited to support PHP 7 until after I got Service Manager out the door.

Learn more about the PECL sync extension for PHP here:

It's easy to deploy:

pecl install sync

The 'sync' extension introduces synchronization objects into PHP. Named and unnamed Mutex, Semaphore, Event, Reader-Writer, and named Shared Memory objects provide OS-level synchronization mechanisms on both *NIX (POSIX shared memory and pthread shared memory synchronization required) and Windows platforms. This extension is a direct port of and is compatible with the cross platform 'sync' library:
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