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SSO not a coder need some guidance
Hey guys

Im setting up a website that offers two parts, on the its going to offer everyone a user profile account and then will be offering an instant website setup/host. This is not cPanel or any other type of control panel hosting. 

So here is where I need the help, the sites will be created through the CMS system and buyers will have the option of using either a subdomain or bring their own domain name. 

Now heres the tricky part. Everyone creates their profile account on then they use the search feature and find either or They go to those sites but instead of the SSO server just logging them in, they need to apply to become a member first. The site owner then can either approve or deny the membership. 

Once/if approved then they can sign in to that site. If denied they dont. 

Potentially we will have 100's of sites. Im asking for help on how to setup the DB and then the code. 

Any takers?? 
Do a mapping to a local per-site database table from the SSO client information. That database table identifies the 'status' of members (I'd go with 'pending_approval', 'approved', 'rejected', 'admin'). The SSO client used for the purchasing side of things sets up the website and registers the purchaser as having admin rights.

After that, you build a section of the site that looks through the database table for users that are pending approval. Only allow 'admin' users to access that page. Each user would have 'Approve' and 'Reject' links next to their information and would update the database table accordingly.

In theory, you can use just two database tables for multiple sites, but then you'll get tied down to a single host and a single large site will cause the rest to become less performant. It really depends on how big you envision this system of yours to *realistically* get as to how fragmented you need the database to be. Honestly, I don't see "waiting for membership approval by a human" to be a good way to attract visitors to ANY website. Plus, it'll block Googlebot and other web crawlers from indexing the content, which will result in really bad SEO.
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Thanks for the response. The websites that will be created off of the main site are club websites. So people coming to them already know they need to apply and wait for the approval.

Its all for 4x4 clubs and I've already got 50 or so clubs waiting for the site to launch.

Only issue I think I'm going to run in to is when the websites are created they each get their own unique database. They are all on the same DB server but username,db name etc are unique.
That makes more sense. There are a lot of bizarre people out there and I've run into them on occasion.

Dynamically generate a PHP file for each domain containing each site's configuration information. Then you could use the BB_GetRequestHost() function from either Barebones CMS or Admin Pack (it's the same function) to extract the current domain. Then make sure that domain is one of the valid sites using the PHP file_exists() function. If the file exists, load that PHP file and you've got your per-site config loaded. Otherwise, bail out with an error of some sort.
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yup might as well be talkin' Klingon to me. Do you do side work? Can you PM me a price to help set this up?
There are a lot of freelancers out there. There's almost always someone local who is freelancing these days. Hiring a freelancer can be useful if you are in a time crunch.

If you have some time, learning to program is fairly easy these days. Simply search Google for "PHP tutorial" and have fun. Back when the Internet didn't exist, people had to learn how to write software by reading books and didn't really have access to the myriad of developer communities that exist today (e.g. StackOverflow). It's infinitely easier to get started today.

Hopefully those ideas help you get your project going. I am generally swamped with projects. Sorry.
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