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integrate with osTicket
How do I integrate Single Sign-On Server/Client  with osTicket?
Sorry for the delayed reply. Been under the weather for a few days.

You'll need to write a plugin for osTicket to override its login system.

It looks like osTicket has already done a lot of the legwork here for supporting multiple login systems (unlike a lot of software products):

Glancing briefly at the source code, it looks like the 'auth-cas' plugin and bits of the 'auth-oauth' plugin are most likely the model to follow for integration with the SSO client. Note that the SSO client prefers *extremely* early injection (for request resuming support), so their plugin system might have some issues in that regard.

If you don't know how to develop software, you could try opening an issue with osTicket and ask them nicely to develop a plugin for SSO server/client.
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Thank you very much for the advice.

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