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[SOLVED] sso_client->LoggedIn() always returns FALSE
Hey there!

I'm integrating Barebones SSO in a CodeIgniter system.

When login window is presented (and it's sent) the session is generated (I saw it in the SSO server), but the client function LoggedIn() always returns FALSE.

I was reading the code, I've found the script returns FALSE in line 505 of file sso/client/support/sso_functions.php:

PHP Code:
502    public function LoggedIn()
503    {
504        if (isset($this->user_info))  return ($this->user_info["sso_id"] != "");
505        if (!isset($this->request[SSO_COOKIE_NAME "_s"]))  return false;
// Decrypt the cookie.
508        $this->user_info = array("sso_id" => "");

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Abel.


I've added a file_put_contents of serialize($this->request) and SSO_COOKIE_NAME, and this is the output:

Request: a:4:{s:8:"sso_cm_c";s:1:"1";s:8:"sso_cm_v";s:27:"9tKdwlaE-H74IHbr7mevocVghUI";s:8:"sso_cm_s";s:203:"jOCO_M7visGrauli-m3zJE9raVlqQFze6Wk6Mlwuk0TWOj_VzxrxMEovrFi-6MjelFjTLreOfW-J0-YuoCcZ8AH0g0A94EkATy0nIC1xhH8nSG5qbwFAvPahx341IZugBCyrCUgTEjMwU98jOVv32yKOYlfnTEMqHjNJvDN8YSqzVxkceSwl7qeu8X26Sq-IH8buujCr56k";s:10:"ci_session";s:40:"77515c92eb614205c30e4d3ac8dcd22a9a37fe62";}
Request: a:1:{s:10:"ci_session";s:40:"77515c92eb614205c30e4d3ac8dcd22a9a37fe62";}

Yes, is printed twice.


Solved! My mistake. Thanks anyway.
Hi Abel,

Do you mind sharing details about integrating CI and Barebones SSO? I am a newbie in both. So far I haven't even figured out in which CI directory SSO should be installed...

Any help would be appreciated since I am totally floundering...

Thank you!
I'm the author of the SSO server/client software.

The SSO client is product-agnostic. However, for full functionality, the client should be loaded as early as possible in your code. I don't see why it would have to go into any specific directory. Quickly glancing at the directory structure for CodeIgniter 3.1.6, it could be put in 'application/helpers' or 'application/third_party', but, as I said, the directory you put it in doesn't really matter. It could be in the root of the website for all the SSO client cares. Now, CI might care, but I seriously doubt it can block loading an absolute path specified by a 'require_once' line.

I don't get why anyone would ever lock themselves into the MVC model for web application development. There's nothing wrong with writing PHP without using a framework. I do it all the time with Admin Pack and Flex Forms, which are tools - not frameworks that my application has to adhere to.

Author of Barebones CMS

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