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Hello 2016, let's do awesome
If you were rudely awakened to the sound of gunshots fireworks today, mumbled something incoherent, rolled over, and went back to sleep, then you were like most people.  Now that you are conscious and have some coffee flowing into your veins and arteries and are therefore semi-functional, I have important informations for your brains.

2015 was a great year.  CubicleSoft accomplished a LOT.  Some people stepped up and helped out here and there - it wasn't the consistent developer environment I had hoped for but nothing ever is ideal.  Support for PHP 5.3 and 5.4 was dropped across the entire product line, which made certain parts of development easier going forward.  Barebones CMS 1.3 was released, which featured a really nifty extension architecture.  A fair number of SSO server/client releases were done.  Some awesome YouTube tutorial videos were made.  Test suites were built.  The various MyBB plugins that I maintain were updated (~10 of them).  TagFilter was created and then used to drop HTML Purifier from the Ultimate E-mail Toolkit.  JSON-Base64 reached a mature state and was placed on GitHub and an intro YouTube video made for it.  And a number of other things took place too behind the scenes to prepare for 2016. Even with all I did, there were a few things that didn't happen but, overall, it was a solid year of development.

You might also like some pretty line charts that I made that show how the task list for 2015 ebbed and flowed:

Now that we've looked back, let's look forward.  2016 is jam-packed with a number of projects that I hope you will be as excited about as I am:
  • A couple of brand new tutorial videos. I want to take some extremely complex, frequently misunderstood topics and do them justice CubicleSoft style. They are also relevant for future CubicleSoft endeavors.
  • A new project dealing with server protection. I'm not satisfied with the few existing bits I found out there. Development on this project is already started.
  • Move server infrastructure. My current setup is expensive and doesn't function the way I want it to. The contract with my current host is up in a few months, at which point my host's rates will increase fairly dramatically.
  • A new project specifically for Linux servers in "the cloud". It has a name and I've been working on it off and on but it is slow going until other things get built.
  • Build a prototype for a new Internet Protocol.
  • The new server application I teased a couple of weeks ago has some issues. I started testing it in various places and it unfortunately has some performance problems. I have a couple of ideas but will take a while to implement them. The software also needs to be ported to other platforms. Backburnered due to time constraints.
  • My third attempt at a backup solution that I like. WebCron Site Backup was my first attempt and failed for various reasons. EFSS was my second attempt and I like it but trying to get third-party remote backup services to adopt it has been futile. So I need something that's a hybrid model that can handle third-party services. The third time's the charm.
  • Update the 'sync' PECL extension for PHP 7. PHP 7 has dramatically changed how extensions work. The change has caused some upheaval in the community.
  • Verify that all the various CubicleSoft projects work under PHP 7.
  • Barebones CMS 1.4.
  • Time permitting: Redesign an old website.

That short list constitutes a full year. 6 brand new software development projects are in the works for 2016. As an unfortunate result, the SSO server/client is getting sidelined but, if there is time, there might be one release cycle to address some minor issues that I thought of.

So, 2016, let's have fun!
Author of Barebones CMS

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