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Teaser: New software application...
...that isn't written in PHP.  Wha?!?!

The past 2 1/2 months of development have been a fairly harrowing and bizarre experience.  I've gone into the bowels of the Windows operating system and have now come out feeling like I've been through bowels of the Windows operating system.

I lost count of how many tabs I opened in Firefox (at least 100, probably closer to 200) and I only have 2,800 lines of (awesomely horrific) C++ code to show for my effort - uh, it's been a while.  I'm not looking forward to the Linux port even though that's where I need this system service the most - Windows was just the dry run because it has the best C++ debugger on the planet (aka Visual Studio).

I've probably lost some hair from the countless performance issues I ran into.  And I lost sleep at various points in the development cycle.

I REALLY hate I/O Completion Ports and Overlapped I/O.  If I never see them again, it won't be soon enough.  If someone (Russia?) could nuke them from orbit, I would be eternally grateful.

I have submitted an application to IANA for one of the extremely highly coveted 65,535 TCP/IP port numbers.  Actually, it is far fewer than that given the port range I went for a number in.  Getting one is almost as rare as "unicorn rocking horse poo".

By the way, I get 6 results on Google Search for the exact phrase "unicorn rocking horse poo" (quotes included).  Adwords anyone?

And those are all the hints you are going to get.

P.S. I haven't stopped writing code in PHP.  I live and breathe that language (daily) because it is extremely capable for most tasks.  This new app just happens to be WAAY outside the scope of PHP (for the moment...), so I had to oil up my rusty C++ and Windows SDK skill set.  I'll be back to writing more PHP code soon enough.
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