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Contacting me directly
I prefer users to use the forums so that everyone benefits from the discussion (SEO and all that goodness). However, there is the occasional time where contacting me directly is a good idea. For instance, I received an e-mail where someone couldn't register for the forum. The SSO server is/was blocking their IP address because their IP address was on several DNSRBL lists.

Please don't go around the Internet looking for other people to solve problems that only I can solve. I track that sort of thing pretty closely in relevant areas.

If you encounter a scenario where you can't register on the forums to post, there is an alternative contact method available to diagnose the issue (it may be up to you to resolve it). CubicleSoft is owner of these projects. Visit:

And you will see how to get in touch with me directly. If you ask me questions that belong on the forum though, I will direct you back here. My e-mail is for extraordinary circumstances and shouldn't be abused. Thanks for understanding.
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