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Read This Before Posting
I'm not exactly the best technical support person on the planet. I'm a huge geek/nerd who has his head stuck in code more often than not. As such, if this is your first time to this forum - most likely to evaluate if my products are worth using or not based on forum activity - you are probably wondering if you can get support for this product since the forums are "quiet".

Quiet forums generally scare off web developers.

In this case, the forums are quiet because of a combination of factors. The biggest reason is because the product documentation is fairly well-written and complete. It is written with a specific, slightly nerdy audience in mind. The sort of audience that uses my products. I'm pretty sure you will agree that the documentation is some of the most complete documentation you've ever seen. That's because I value documentation as much as the software itself. But, of course, if you don't understand something, ask here on the forum.

The other primary aspect as to why the forums are quiet is that there aren't many users of this product line. I'm pretty much the only person doing support as a result. So when someone asks a question, it is anyone's guess as to when I'll show up and reply. THAT might scare you a bit, but here's the thing: I do eventually reply. It might take a few days, which, in Internet time is an eternity, but I do reply.

If you want to get my attention faster/sooner, donate. After all, money is an effective attention-getting device and I pay close attention to where the money comes from.

Finally, please avoid sending private messages to me. The public board is much easier for me to use and reply to. Plus, it shows other people who visit that this forum is active and helps people coming in from search too. Just take a little extra care to modify anything that would expose internal secrets before you post. But sometimes PM'ing me is the only way to communicate something - for example, I've had users send me access credentials to their websites to take a look at something.
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