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Barebones SSO - Aar Teri - 03-08-2018

How to create an avatar fields, and get an Avatar from social Login ?
Sorry for my bad english.

RE: Barebones SSO - thruska - 03-08-2018

The Google account SSO provider already has support for mapping the user's 'picture' URL (if any) to a field.

I assume you are referring to the Facebook account SSO provider. You could try modifying 'providers/sso_facebook/index.php' and add the following after the line that starts with "third_party_id":

PHP Code:
    "picture" => array("title" => "Profile Photo URL""desc" => "user's profile photo""extra" => ""), 

That should allow you to map the user's Facebook profile photo to a field. If the above works for you, let me know.