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Full Version: [Bug] [Fixed] WYMEditor and EditArea badly broken in everything but Firefox
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The good news just keeps coming:

Firefox 4: WYMEditor 0.5 RC2 and EditArea 0.8.2 work as expected.

IE 9: Both components are broken so badly it isn't funny. Some changes I made last night apparently have broken the IE6 WYMEditor implementation.

Opera 11: WYMEditor works, EditArea doesn't.

Chrome 11: WYMEditor weird vertical infinite expansion issue but otherwise fine, EditArea seems fine but has some of the multiline issue from Opera but seems fine.

Safari 5: WYMEditor weird vertical infinite expansion issue but otherwise fine, EditArea has a weird ghosting issue - saw something documented in sourceforge about it.

Infinitely expanding iframes are a huge problem for this product. I know why it happens but I don't have a good method for fixing the issue (yet). The odd duck out is IE9 where everything is broken for no good reason (but is anyone surprised?) and I'll now concede that EditArea is junk. Fortunately, a lot has improved over the last couple of years since I looked for a browser-based code editor. ACE is now my new favorite browser-based code editor (it doesn't work in IE6, does work in IE9) but, more importantly, seems to be regularly updated.

WYMEditor seems to have an updated set of files on github. I'm not dropping WYMEditor at this point if I can find something that works - it is WAY too hard to switch WYSIWYG editors and I still really like its overall approach.

Other thoughts: Switching code editors is going to destroy all my lovely screenshots and videos Sad
Sigh. The latest WYMEditor from github is broken in IE9.
It has been a couple weeks since the last update. I've been busy doing something insane to solve the WYMEditor issues. The only critical issue with WYMEditor is complete breakage in IE9. Replacing EditArea with ACE is still a good idea in 'canvas'-capable browsers. I'm thinking a blend of the two editors would be a good solution for maximum compatibility. I see no reason to throw away perfectly good code and detecting canvas support is easy enough to do.
Yay! Latest repo for WYMEditor appears to be functional under IE9. It, unfortunately, gained that wonderfully annoying infinite vertical expansion issue when I integrated it into Barebones CMS but at least both core editors now work again everywhere. ACE replaces EditArea wherever it works and the latest WYMEditor seems to stabilize the content editor for the most part. Basic WYMEditor testing shows what looks like a few unexpected, but nice, features.

Waiting on two last (little?) bugs to be resolved at the GitHub level before I close this issue. But I can finally move onto more important things while I wait.

New statuses, after some quick tests, in order of most stable to least:

Firefox 5: Both WYMEditor and ACE work flawlessly.

Opera 11: WYMEditor has really minor glitches (minor enough no one will really notice). ACE works flawlessly.

Safari 5 & Chrome 12: WYMEditor infinite vertical expansion, but otherwise works. ACE works flawlessly.

IE9: WYMEditor infinite vertical expansion with rogue scrollbars, but otherwise works. ACE works flawlessly.

IE6: WYMEditor works fine BUT the iframe is being pushed down below the sidebar that is supposed to travel alongside it. I'm also getting a Javascript error when scrolling at the point of expansion but IE6's debugging tools are part of the "severely lacking" department. EditArea still works as expected.

Once again, Firefox takes the lead with both editors there operating flawlessly. I do most of my development in Firefox as do those making these components, so testing coverage is a lot better for that browser.

I'm not really caring about IE6 at this point. I know WHY the iframe issue is happening but I don't want to really "fix" it. I intentionally dropped the surrounding 'table' tags to standardize the layout so I wouldn't need hacks like the 'table'. Besides, the editor works well enough given the age of the browser and there is a chance a random upstream bugfix will solve the problem for me.

Yikes. I just looked at when I started this thread. Three months of wrestling with this mess! And I still have some effort to go on unrelated tasks for 1.1 before I can do a RC build. Enough blabbing. Disappearing again.
Finally fixed this issue. Both editors now work flawlessly (or as close to it) in all major and current browsers. Closing out this issue.