Barebones CMS Extensions - Widgets

This page contains all of the available widget extensions for the current version of Barebones CMS. Widgets extend the core with useful features.

Scroll through the following list or use your web browser's "Find" feature to locate an extension.

Language Map Modifier widget

Adds a new widget that adds a master widget whose output is captured and stored into the language map. Useful for managing complex multilingual content that needs to be used later by the Code widget.

Public repo | Manual install

SSO Server/Client Page Protection widget

Adds a new widget that protects a Barebones CMS page with SSO server/client integration. Note that protected pages are not cached and therefore experience a reduction in performance. This widget can require a user to be signed in to see the content or be configured to show different content depending on whether or not the user is signed in. This widget may be used in conjunction with the Code widget. See the GitHub repo for programming options.

Public repo | Manual install

More Extensions

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