Barebones CMS Extensions - Shortcodes

This page contains all of the available shortcode extensions for the content widget in the current version of Barebones CMS. Shortcodes extend the content editor with powerful functionality.

Scroll through the following list or use your web browser's "Find" feature to locate an extension.

Syntax Highlighter shortcode

Adds a new shortcode to the content editor that makes it easy to embed highlighted source code (PHP, Javascript, C/C++, etc.) that leverages a third-party Javascript library (SyntaxHighlighter) with some modifications to improve certain languages. Designed to show various source code examples in a user-friendly fashion.

Public repo | Manual install

Flash Object (SWF) shortcode

Adds a new Shortcode to the content editor that makes it easy to embed Flash objects (SWF). This is a very general-purpose Shortcode and can insert screencasts, advertisements, videos, and anything else that is pure Flash content. To mix Flash and Javascript, combine this Shortcode with the Code widget.

Public repo | Manual install

More Extensions

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