Barebones CMS Extensions - Plugins

This page contains all of the available plugin extensions for the current version of Barebones CMS. Plugins can override most of the functionality of Barebones CMS and various extensions to do something different.

Scroll through the following list or use your web browser's "Find" feature to locate an extension.

Demo/Kiosk Mode plugin

Transforms Barebones CMS into a safer environment for running it as a public demo. Installing this extension will always turn developer accounts into designer accounts, which means it can only be manually uninstalled. This extension is intended to be used in combination with good common sense and automated scripts that are beyond the scope of an introduction. See the GitHub repo for additional information.

Public repo | Manual install

EditArea plugin

This is the old EditArea code editor for Barebones CMS used for old, outdated web browsers. As of Barebones CMS 1.3, EditArea is no longer included with the main package in order to reduce the download size.

Public repo | Manual install

SSO Server/Client Integration plugin

Installs a plugin and a login hook that overrides the Barebones CMS login system with the Barebones SSO server/client software. Before installing, make sure the SSO client has been installed to a directory called 'sso_client' off the main Barebones CMS installation. See the GitHub repo for additional options. When the installer finishes, you will need to sign back into Barebones CMS.

Public repo | Manual install

More Extensions

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