Welcome to the downloads page for the core Barebones CMS product, vetted Shortcodes, Widgets, and Plugins, and related products such as Admin Pack, Single Sign-On Server/Client, Encrypted File Storage System, etc.

Barebones CMS Downloads

Download Barebones CMS and vetted Shortcodes, Widgets, and Plugins from the following pages.

Barebones CMS

Install Barebones CMS extensions

Do not download Barebones CMS, related components, or related products that are not contained on this website. Only vetted authors are allowed to publish add-ons or modifications. Downloading any add-on component from any other website is a security risk that should be taken seriously.

Related Products

This site is home to more than just Barebones CMS. There are several official, related, and supported products available. The products below have their own documentation and are self-contained. They stand on their own as full-fledged products but, of course, can integrate with Barebones CMS if you need them to.

Single Sign-On Server/Client (SSO)

Encrypted File Storage System (EFSS)

Ultimate E-mail Toolkit

Ultimate Web Scraper Toolkit

Admin Pack




These products may not be the absolute latest versions. The various CubicleSoft GitHub repositories may have newer releases that may be more or less stable than the packaged releases.

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