Barebones CMS is open source software. While the source code is available for free, I pour quite a bit of time and energy into making the product what it is as well as one-on-one support. As such, if you get use out of it, found the product support helpful, or are simply a good person/organization at heart, financial and time donations are what keep this project alive and kicking.

I develop and release software on a "when it gets done" basis. If your financial donation is large enough, I will be more open to developing custom stuff but please note that donations do not entitle you to special treatment nor can you dictate how I develop the products I make.

There are two ways to donate financially: Recurring donations and one-time donations. I'm also open to the idea of a reasonable sponsorship program.

Donating Your Time

So you don't want to or can't donate financially at the moment. Well, how about a little of your time? First, become familiar with the products I have available. Let's say a conversation comes up and someone has a need for one of my products. Tell them that there is a solution for their problem and point them at the correct place. You'll be participating in a growing grassroots community of users of my products.

If you want to donate financially from that point, tell the person you'll help them install the product for a fee and then take a percentage of the profit and send it my way. You benefit, I benefit (and, in turn, create new and exciting software), and your new client benefits. We all win.

Recurring Donations [Business/Commercial]

Businesses using this product should donate on a recurring basis. What does $5 or $10 per month mean to a business? Nothing. You are supporting a good cause too - future development of this product. Bug fixes, patches, updates, etc. Also, keep in mind that this product is likely being used to manage and run part or all of your business website. How much is your website worth to you?

If you are an individual and start a recurring donation, then you have my sincerest gratitude. Businesses typically fail to see the value of open source software and simply take it without giving anything back. That's rather unfortunate, but since you are here, you are not one of those businesses.

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One-Time Donations [Individuals]

While individuals that donate on a recurring basis hold a special place in my heart, I completely understand that very few individuals can give on a recurring basis. Individuals tend to give when they see actual value in a project and the time savings they encounter. My experience with donation-based projects is that there are a lot of generous individuals out there willing to give a few bucks to help develop their favorite software. Some people give more than others but each gives according to their ability and their view of the value of the product.

This section is for individuals, not businesses. If you are a business, see the recurring donations section above. If you have questions, contact me.

A good balance point that maximizes your one-time donation versus PayPal fees is $10 USD. But whatever amount you decide to donate is appreciated and goes toward future development efforts.

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