WebCron (Retired Product)

Thank you for your interest in WebCron. WebCron was created back in 2011 and was designed to solve a set of specific problems that are no longer relevant in today's server hardware and software development universe.

The three problems that WebCron aimed to solve were: Hosting restrictions that disallowed custom cron jobs, permissions-based code execution, and bulk data transfers mostly for the purpose of conducting backups.

As far as hosting goes, CubicleSoft only recommends using hosts that give you full 'root' shell access and total system control. Any cheap Linux VPS works well these days. OVH and Digital Ocean are recommended by CubicleSoft for their balance between cost, hardware (CPU, RAM, storage), transfer, bandwidth, and flexibility/scalability. Using a VPS requires managing it (e.g. running 'sudo apt update' and 'sudo apt upgrade' on a regular basis) but affords unlimited control over the host. If you were looking to use or are using WebCron because you need cron jobs, a better solution is to switch to a VPS. A VPS costs about the same as a lot of shared hosts but tends to be faster due to the physical hardware that gets dedicated to running the website.

For permissions-based code execution, particularly to trigger a script to run on-demand, the Cloud Storage Server /scripts API is a good solution. It's a bit more involved to set up but is a much more refined and effective solution than WebCron ever was since /scripts can be used to trigger configured on-demand scripts to run as the 'root' user regardless of what user initiated the request (e.g. 'www-data').

For web server backups, CubicleSoft highly recommends using Cloud Backup for conducting host-initiated backups. Cloud Backup is the third generation of CubicleSoft backup/restore software, works extremely well, scales up easily, is stable and supported, and is trusted for securely backing up all sorts of production systems to anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for the CalendarEvent class and documentation that used to only be available in WebCron, that class and its documentation have migrated to the Miscellaneous CubicleSoft PHP Classes repository.

If you are looking for the WebMutex class and documentation that used to be available in WebCron, EFSS still uses WebMutex but PECL sync is a better option.

If you have any questions regarding the termination of WebCron that aren't addressed above, contact CubicleSoft at support@cubiclesoft.com.