System Requirements

This list of system requirements are already part of the installer but those who are reviewing CMS systems for compatibility with an existing environment generally don't install a CMS until they are satisfied that it will work with the target system. This requirements list may not always be 100% accurate but should provide a general idea of what is required to use the Barebones CMS.

Logistical Requirements

In order to use the Barebones CMS, you must meet the following logistical requirements:

Barebones CMS is geared for a team environment. Specifically, a web development team.

Technical Requirements

You will also need to meet these technical requirements:

The version of PHP installed is detected during the installation process. It is highly recommended to use the absolute latest version of PHP at all times.

MySQL is completely optional but if you opt to use a database and the included MySQL class that comes with Barebones CMS, MySQL 5.x or later is required. Again, the latest version is preferred. Barebones CMS itself does not utilize a database and instead opts to use files only for maximum performance.

Additional Requirements

Barebones CMS makes heavy use of jQuery. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you avoid using any other Javascript libraries (e.g. Prototype). However, in actual practice, you may be able to use such libraries just fine.

Below is a list of third-party components used by Barebones CMS. If possible, make sure that your website will not conflict with these components:

A number of components in Barebones CMS are bleeding edge but are generally well-tested for stability. These products were hand-picked because of their potential for moving in the correct direction for web development, not necessarily because they represent current "best of breed" in each category. Especially notable are the content (WYMEditor) and code (ACE and EditArea) editors. WYMEditor, ACE, and EditArea have the greatest potential for changing how future CMS products are designed and built.

What's Next?

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