Barebones CMS is exactly what you expect a high-performance, minimalistic CMS package to be. If you find Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc. to be too heavyweight, have sluggish/poor performance, and/or are difficult to use (i.e. don't fit your business model for web development), not looking for a blogging platform or other dedicated solution (e.g. a Wiki), and literally want a blank slate to start from, then Barebones CMS is what you are looking for.

No really, you can stop looking.


The main goal of Barebones CMS is to provide incredibly useful tools to YOU, the web developer, to get your website up and running quickly while, at the same time, get out of your way of developing said website. As you can imagine, balancing these two aspects is incredibly tricky. Barebones CMS works with how most web designers and organizations design websites.

Barebones CMS is designed to be another tool in your arsenal of tools for web development. Always use the right tool for the job.


Barebones CMS is dual-licensed under MIT and LGPL licenses. You get to choose which license you want to use and there are very few restrictions on the use of this product.

Financial donations to cover development costs are sincerely appreciated. If you want professional support for this product, then donating financially is the way to get that support.


There are quite a few features in Barebones CMS and the best way to learn about them is to read the documentation. However, the following list should provide you with a good perspective on what is deemed important by, yours truly, the author of Barebones CMS:

There are a ton more features but these are the ones I deem important to Barebones CMS.

What's Next?

At this point you may or may not be convinced that Barebones CMS should be in your arsenal of web development tools. That's fine. Before writing it off though, be sure to check out the Barebones CMS Demo and read the rest of the Getting Started documentation.

Once you are ready, head on over to Download Barebones CMS.

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