Getting Started



System Requirements

License/Restrictions [Dual license: MIT, LGPL]

Installing and Upgrading Barebones CMS

First-Time Users [How to not be immediately lost]

For Programmers

Mitigating Known Security Vulnerabilities

Performance Analysis/Benchmarks

Managing User Accounts

Creating Backups

The Code Widget

The Code Editor

Execution Path [How Barebones CMS loads a page]

Creating Widgets

Creating Shortcodes

Creating Property Forms [Dialogs]

Creating Plugins

Creating Cache Profiles [Mobile, etc.]

Moving a Website [Advanced]

Site Scripting [Execute tasks across all pages on a site] [Advanced]

Reference: Configuration Options

Reference: Global and Reserved Variables

Reference: Global Functions

Reference: Built-in Reusable Components [Uploader, Editors, etc.]

Reference: Extra Components [Web scraping, e-mail sending/receiving, cookies, etc.]

For Web Designers

Creating Pages

Redirecting and Deleting Pages

Creating Great Layouts

The Layout Widget

The Content Widget

Leveraging the Revision System

For Content Editors

Creating Great Content

Using the Content Widget

Leveraging the Translation System

Related Product Documentation

Single Sign-On Server/Client [A login system that rocks]

Cloud Backup [Awesome backup software]

Cloud Storage Server [Self-hosted cloud storage API]

Ultimate E-mail Toolkit

Ultimate Web Scraper Toolkit

Admin Pack [Create admin interfaces]

FlexForms [Powerful HTML form library]

CSDB [Database access layer]

Web Knocker Firewall Service [Close off those open server ports]

Status Tracker [Make your cron scripts less noisy and more stable]


Encrypted File Storage System (EFSS) [A way to hierarchically store encrypted data]

WebCron [Schedule code to execute on hosts]

DigitalOcean SDK + Command-line Interface


PHP SSL Certificate Tools

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